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A one-stop resource for educational consultants, students and parents to find information on higher education programs in niche industries.

The “Majoring In” suite of websites provides tools and guidance for exploring educational options in beer, wine, gaming and esports programs. There are many great programs available, and these resources are designed to help you look, discover and choose the program that’s perfect for you or your student.

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Majoring in Wine

Majoring in Wine hosts a plethora of resources that will point you to the perfect program for careers in the wine industry. Learn about top programs in viticulture, enology, wine business and associated fields. 

Majoring in Beer

Majoring In Beer provides critical information to assist in your search to find the perfect college for a career in the beer industry. Learn about the many great programs in brewing and associated fields.

Majoring in Gaming

Majoring in Gaming is a one-stop resource to help you find the perfect program to launch an esports or gaming design career. Careers range from competitive play to coaching to video game creation.

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Who We Are

Chris Cook - Majoring In Wine

Chris Cook, Capiche Wine Marketing & PR founder, has more than three decades of experience in marketing specializing in higher education. Since enrolling at the Southern Oregon Wine Institute in 2015, she has focused on the burgeoning wine industry, helping wineries develop their brand and best serve their customers. She works with individual wineries, wine trails and wine associations as well as guest lecturing in wine education programs at universities including Washington State.

She helped create and launch the acclaimed online, on-demand Wine Business Education Program with the 8-part Business of Wine course and associated financial calculators. Chris is a regular contributor to the Oregon Wine Press and Southern Oregon Wine Scene. An adjunct professor for Southern Oregon University’s MBA program and speaker for the university’s Professional Development Program, Chris has a BS in communication and a master in management.

Vicki Purslow - Majoring In Wine

Dr. Vicki Purslow, author of Cash for College, has presented numerous workshops to assist high school students and their families locate scholarship opportunities. She has 30 years’ experience as a professor and administrator in community colleges and universities and has presented and published numerous research studies on college student enrollment trends. She is a research analyst for Capiche Wine Marketing & PR. Dr. Purslow earned an EdD from University of the Pacific and a certificate in Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching from CRR Global.

We created our first website, Majoring in Wine, because there was a need for a trusted, comprehensive and objective location for people looking to expand their wine-related education. We included resources for scholarships, jobs and internships. The response was so positive, we added websites for other programs in need of the same: Majoring in Beer and Majoring in Gaming. 

Our focus is on niche and emerging industries that aren’t already well-documented. Let us know if there’s an area you’d like us to feature on our next website! Cheers!

– Chris Cook & Vicki Purslow, Founders 

Chris & Vicki - Majoring In Wine

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